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Q) So I am all set up with a culture--what do I do now?
A) First off--do not be in a hurry. Get to know people and the terrain. Read the +darkhelp, visit the MOOC room, and the NEWS. Do NOT rush out and kill hobbits (or anything at hand) as such irresponsible behaviour is punishable by death!

Q) How do I get a home and a role?
A) Well, see the above. Find out who you like--who you might be able to work with. Then simply request a sensical role to fit you into that portion of society. As for a home, there are many pre-established places designated as homes that you can be set-up into. Simply page one of the 'higher-ups' for information.

Q) How do I get regestered for combat?
A) To be registered for combat you must have read all of the information within +help combat. It is also recommended that you have a look at news combat. After finishing the information contact one of your local admins (do +locals). Expect to be tested on the information as well as a test in your ability to RP combat situations.

Q) What is RPing?
A) This is where you portray a character other then yourself. You must type out the responses that the orc you are representing (your character) would do. This is explained extensively in the news. Type: NEWS RP, NEWS NEWBIE, and NEWS THEME to read the information about RPing on this MUSH.

Q) My title says I'm a Snaga. What does this mean?
A) Snaga translated from Uruk langauge means: Slave. Quiet literally you are a smaller orc who gets to get bossed around by the big orcs. Does this mean you're less? No. YOu can have a lot of fun RPing out a slave character. Your general RP policy with the character should be that if a higher ranking orc tells you to jump, you ask how high on the way up.

Q) I don't want to be a snaga forever. How can this change?
A) Get noticed. You can do this most effectively by RPing. If you RP a good slave, and a play your orc well, manage not to just be a 'hack-and-slasher' with the combat system, you will advance quite quickly. Other methods such as complaining to your local admins, or your commanding officers, that you're tired of your rank are highly ill-advised.

Q) What is 'hack and slash'?
A) The term 'hack and slash' applies to going out into combat all the time instead of RPing your character. The combat system is great to use, and we all know how much fun it can be. Yet the actual act of RPing non-combat situations in most cases is more rewarding and more fun for all involved (because there is not necissarily a winner and a loser). 'Hack and slashing'ing, heavy use of the combat system, is frowned upon on this MUSH and in this culture. We're here to enjoy RPing, instead of the combat mentality of a MUD.

Q) How do you RP an orc?
A) Orcs are not stupid mindless slaves that go about killing things without any thought for action. Many of them, especially the Uruk-Hai, have a near human level of intelligence. However, because of the twist of their creators, they are cruel and savage. They delight in killing, torturing, burning, rampaging and other genuinely evil acts. They are brave when out-numbering their opponents, or when facing a smaller opponent, though tend to be cowards when faced with a greater strength. For example, an Uruk-Hai might boss around an Uruk snaga in camp, though should an Olog-Hai come into the camp the Uruk-Hai will accept any bossing around the Troll gives him for fear of death.

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