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Theme of Mordor

Mordain Culture:

Mordor is the seat of Sauron's evil power, where he sits in Barad-dur. It is the home of the multitudes of Uruks and Ologs, and his most fearsome servants, the Nine Nazgul. The realm covered by the Mordain includes Mordor proper, parts of Ithilien, the Dagorlad, and a large portion of Southern Mirkwood including the ancient fortress/volcano of Dol Guldur. Mordor species for players include: Uruk , Uruk-Hai , Olog , Olog-Hai , and Nazgul . Only the first of these is open to new players.


It was during the First Age of Stars that Melkor committed his greatest blasphemy; for he had captured many of the Elves and had taken them to the depths of Utumno and had twisted them into hideous caricatures of their former selves. From these he bred a Goblin race of slaves as hideous as Elves were fair.

They are stunted, ugly, bent, bow-legged and squat. Their skin is black, as is their blood. Jagged fangs fill their mouths and their thick tongues are red as fire. The Orc's eyes are but crimson slits in their broad, flat faces. They are strong and stupid.

The Orc's only joy is the pain of others. They are cruel, jealous, petty, and selfish. They squabble frequently amongst themselves and it is said that they are never happy or at peace. Orc is from the word 'Orch' in Sindarin but they are also called goblins by some. They call themselves by many names including uruk and snaga (slave).

In T.A. 2475 Sauron unleashed a new breed of Goblin upon the Free Peoples of Middle-earth: Uruk-hai. These were the Dark Lord's Finest troops. They did not fear the sun as the lesser orcs. They are taller in size, more resembling men than the common Orcs. They are also more cunning and intelligent.

Orcs align themselves by the clan and group. These groups are often at war and it takes a very charismatic and mighty leader to hold them together. It may be surmised that Orcs lose as many warriors to internal strife and conflict as in battle with the Free People of Middle-earth.

The following roughly describes how players become different levels of orcs, and how they relate to one another:

New players begin as Uruks, modified Orcs bred by Sauron in the mid-late 3rd age. They do not fear the light of day, though they are not at their best under it (for more details, see help lighting).

Uruk-Hai are superior Uruks, and are something of a minor feature. This status is given to proven players only, though Isengard, under the influence of Saruman, would have a greater percentage of Uruk-Hai.


JRRT differentiates two distinct forms of Orcs. The first are the small, sun-fearing kind created by Morgoth which might be better deemed "cannon-fodder." The second are the Uruks, modified by Sauron and farther by Saruman, who are larger, smarter, and do not fear the sun (not saying they are comfortable in the sun, but they can operate--and of course, individual reactions to the yellow face do differ). Uruk-Hai, in JRRT, is simply another form of Uruk. Referencing the index of Unfinished tales, it says "Uruks: Anglicized form of Uruk-Hai of the Black Speech; a race of Orcs of great size and strength."

On Elendor, Uruks are the standard, there are no basic Orcs unless a player wishes to roleplay one. The Uruk-Hai species here is used to differentiate those Uruks who are stronger, smarter, more human, or any mix of these. Do note that an Uruk may actually be stronger or smarter (but not more human) than any selected Uruk-Hai--but taking the species as a whole this is not the norm.

In general, Orcs are considered to be immortal (unless, perhaps, Saruman's additions of human genetic material affects them), though an old Orc is not an Orc who has done his job.


Sauron desired to be a God-King, and was held to be this by his servants. ...When he found how greatly his knowledge was admired by all other rational creatures and how easy it was to influence them, his pride became boundless. By the end of the Second Age he assumed the position of Morgoth's representative. By the end of the Third Age, though actually much weaker than before, he claimed to be Morgoth returned.--JRRT, Letter 183

The dark religion is the cult of Darkness followed by the servants of Sauron. The dark religion affects the cultures of the Mordain, Easterlings, and Haradrim, although each culture follows different practices. In Mordor, the dark religion is expressed by sacrifice, blessings, healing, necromancy, and other rituals for worship and battle. The Nazgul and, to a lesser degree, the Elder Orcs are treated as the immortal servants of the one true god, Sauron. The uruk shamans and Elders are called Mogburzuun, the Shadow Voice, and are dedicated to spreading the will of their god as He slowly retakes Middle Earth for His own. According to the Shadow Voice, Sauron has selected the orcs as his chosen instruments in this great undertaking. Those who serve with faith and obedience, they say, will be rewarded at death to join with the power of Sauron; those who are not faithful will after death be taken to the Hall of Eternal Feasting, to face an eternity of torment.

Nazgul: Sauron's most trusted and powerful servants also serve as the primary motivators for RP. Requires a long period of intense contribution to the game, nearly flawless RP and IC knowledge, and demonstrated trustworthiness. 20 hours/week minimum expected.
Olog: Available by request and reward only. Range from bumbling idiots to Military leaders. Generally seen as great 'weapons' in RP situations.
Uruk-Hai: Available to Uruks after a demonstration of commitment and ability. Serve as the general leaders of Sauron's forces.
Humans: Generally delegated to Barad-dur and Minas Morgul, are rare in number, and serve in Ambassadorial roles. Many are brought into Mordor as small captured children, and corrupted by Sauron. Work closely with Mouth_of_Sauron in maintaining relationships with the allied Easterlings and Haradrim.
Uruks: The bulk and brunt of Sauron's forces, normal Uruks are the entry level positions for most. Uruks are the 'improved' Orcs, and can stand the light of day, though not without penalty. Uruks, in general, travel (RP) in packs, and are rarely met alone.

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