The Black Speech Dictionary


The orcs were first bred by the Dark Power of the North in the Elder Days. It is said that they had no language of their own, but took what they could of other toungues and perverted it to their own liking, yet they made only brutal jargons, scarecely sufficient even for their own needs, unless it were for curses and abuse.

This definition and along with some work by some linguists produced after some time and hard work an actual dictionary of Black Speech terms. You will find this dictionary online here for your use. The source where I found the dictionary is provided in the sources section of this object.

A through H
agh           and (conjunction)
albai         n: elf (or) elves
amal          n: where
ash           n: one
Azog          pn: an orc-leader of Moria
bagronk       n: dung-pit
Bolg          pn: an orc-leader (son of Azog), slain by Beorn
bugd-         v: call
burguul       n: shadow, comes from the root guul
burzum        n: darkness
buub          n: pig
buurz         adj: dark
durb-         v: rule
durub         n: ruler
Dushgoi       pn: Minas Morgul
Dushgoizagh   pn: Morgul Pass
duump-        v: doom
fauth-        v: lie hidden
gaakh         let it be that
gakh          three
gazat         n: dwarf
ghaash        n: fire
Ghaash        pn: an orc of Kirith Ungol
ghashum       n: heat
gimb-         v: find
glob          v: filth
Golfimbul     pn leader of orcs of Mount Gram, slain at Greenfields
golug         n: elves, from the 1st Age
Gorbag        pn: an orc-leader of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat
goth          n: lord, master
Gothmog       pn: Lt. of Minas Morgul.
Grishnaakh    pn: an orc of Mordor, slain by Rohirrim
gund          n: stone
guul          n: wraith
hosh          n: guts
I through P
ilid          n: elf (or) elves
Khamuul       pn: second in command in the Nazguul
krak          five
krimp-        v: bind
krith         nine
Lagduf        pn: an orc of Kirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs
lat           you
lata-         under (preposition)
lug           n: tower
Lugburzum     n: the very dark patch of dark around Barad-dur
Lugbuurz      pn: Barad-dur
Lugdush       pn: an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim
Lughorn       pn: an orc
m-            root of interrogative words
mal           where? (interrog)
mat-          v: die
matuurz       adj: mortal
Mauhuur       pn: an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim
mog           n: voice
Morgoth       pn: Sorceror that created Uruk's
Muzgash       pn: an orc of Kirith Ungol, killed by Morgul Orcs
narkuu        never
nazg          n: ring
Nazguul       n: Ring-wraith
nuut          n: sky
oghor         n: Druuadan
olog          n: Mordor light-tolerant troll
prakh-        v: lure
pushdug       adj,participle: stinking
Q through Z
Radbug        pn: an orc of Minas Morgul, killed by Shagrat
Saruman       pn: the wizard (Mannish word)
sha           together with (preposition)
Shagrat       pn: an orc of Mordor
shakh         n: lord
shara         n: man
sharkuu       n: old man
Shelob        pn: the giant spider monster of Kirith Ungol
skai          gah! (exclamation)
Snaga         pn: an orc of Isengard, slain by Rohirrim
Snaga         pn: an orc of Kirith Ungol, slain by Sam Gamgee
snaga         n: slave (and used by Uruk-hai as = `orc of smaller breed')
srinkh-       v: gather (transitive)
ta            him
tab           his
tak           them
tala          above (preposition)
tark          man of Nuumenoorean descent
thrak-        v: bring
throqu-       v: devour
tug           adv: only
u             to (preposition)
udu           seven
Ufthak        pn: an orc of Kirith Ungol, caught by Shelob
Ugluuk        pn: an orc-leader of Isengard, slain by Eomer
uliima        n: throne
uruk          n: one of a breed of big orcs
uzg           n: land
Yaguul        pn: an orc
za            this
zagh          n: mountain pass

These may be a little difficult to weed through, but I've tried to give examples where I thought people would be confused.

-at           verb infinitive Example: Krimp-at
-hai          people (collective plural)
-i            noun plural after consonant Example: Bagronk-i
-ishi         in (case suffix)
-ob           of (case suffix)
-u            noun plural after consonant
-ub-          verb future tense suffix
-ug           verb present active participle
-uga          verb past passive participle
-uuk          all
-ul           them
-um           -ness, -yness
-uur          for (case suffix)
-uurz         a common adjective-forming suffix
-z            noun plural after vowel
a-            prefixed to an interrogative makes it into a relative
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